Joy Ahia Weight Loss Journey pt.1

“I’ve learned that I often hide from the scale, that I am an anxiety/frustration binge eater.

When I made better/cleaner food choices during Eat Clean September, I didn’t suffer from heartburn or bloating or headaches. I learned that I am completely clueless when it comes to meal planning but also learned that it’s something that can be learned and put into practice quite easily if I’m dedicated.

I learned that I’ve made a mountain out of a mole hill and made losing weight this ginormous beast that could not be overcome when really taking it day at a time is all you need to overcome. I’ve learned that I actually can overcome things like the fair, the movies and a restaurant and that I don’t NEED to allow these things to control me; it’s only what I’ve allowed to happen.

While challenging, I’ve learned that staying on plan and getting up to workout gets a little easier each time I do it. I’ve learned that this is what I make of it and my results will be a direct reflection of how I apply all the things Clem and Alfred are teaching me.
I’ve learned that with each passing day, I reference Clem for something she has shared or told me several times a day which tells me it’s slowly sinking in. I’ve learned that I’m starting to become a believer and am starting to lean toward the side of all those “nutrition nut-soes” I always despised because I secretly wished I could be more disciplined like they are.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that THIS IS NOT BEYOND MY ABILITY! I can do this with the support of Clem & Alfred who have studied up a ton on this and who care about my success enough to share it with me and hold me accountable is what is going to get me there one day!

Very thankful for what you are doing and while I may only be down 3 or 4 lbs this month, I’ve gained so much more with the valuable lessons I have learned in a few short weeks. I’m excited to see the results of these and the lessons to come in the future!!!” -Joy Ahia October 1, 2014

11lbs in less than a month with CLEAN NATURAL NUTRITIOUS REAL FOOD. Except for protein smoothie, she is taking no fat burners, supplements, lotions, potions, & magic pills. This is not a quick 10lbs in 10 days diet.. she is creating a new lifestyle by creating new thoughts. “What we think about is what we bring about”– Clem Lafrades

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  1. We can all learn from you Kamakani. You are a true inspiration. I just may start working out and eating better from just reading this. You are amazing!

  2. WOW Joy truly inspirational

  3. You are looking great! it's not always about the "numbers on the scale." I can see your body has changed in the pictures.. you are definitely adding muscle tone! You are inspiring me to push myself harder! YOU GO GIRL

  4. Joy I'm so proud of you. You are a true inspiration to the masses. Keep on Keep'n on :-)

  5. Carla DeLong says:

    You looked great at Zumba last week. It is great to be able to follow your progress as you make these changes. I know you are going to be sucessful in this journey, when these positive changes click in it is really a lot easier than it seems. I started clean eating over a year ago at first it was a little intimidating, as all new things are. my biggest thing I found right up front was preparing ahead (yes that does take some planning) but not having something to grab and go is a bad thing. Then everything looks good – -not. See ya soon

  6. Mary Kay Hart says:

    Good for you, Joy!! I switched to clean eating and cut out most grains in January and was amazed at how much better I feel eating real, nutritious foods. Less joint pain, skin cleared up, more energy, sleep better, blood sugar spikes/drops stopped and the weight started coming off. Yes, it does take more planning and time, but it is so worth the extra effort. One pound a week is a great goal and so very doable! Keep up the great work! Proud of you! Hope to see you next Saturday at Dojo!

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