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Now Mrs. Adams

She finally got married yesterday!  I’ve been working with Eudora to lose weight here at Victory Get Fit Club since April and you’ve seen me post pics of her hardwork tons of times.  What I’m proud of is, except for Selena, everyone else she started with fell off the wagon (meaning went back to past lifestyle) but it didn’t stop her.  Seeing your support team dissipate can be very discouraging but she kept coming, even 5 workouts a week (twice in one day).

What we discovered was she does well setting her schedule on her phone calender (she’s a massage therapist and lives on appointments) but has a hard time planning & preparing food into her schedule. 

Awareness is key to progress.  She has made many shifts in her thinking and her habits (like having a light snack before her morning workout so she’s not lightheaded and dizzy.  Also brings her protein for post workout nutrition) and I know she will stay on the journey until she has created a lifestyle that will support & serve her.


Love you friend!  Xoxo- Clem

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  1. Stephanie DeRosa says:

    Way to go Eudora!! I love working out with you, I love your spirit, and I love that you have accomplished so much – YOU ROCK!!

  2. Congratulations Eudora…it looks like you took your belt down 4 notches before your big wedding day. We'll see you when you get back from your honeymoon :-)

  3. Congratulations Eudora! Hope your big day was everything you wanted it to be and more. You’re beautiful!

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