Weight loss saboteurs….oops, I mean social gatherings


My personality, culture and being involved in dance fitness and all the amazing events I am blessed to contribute to or participate in are all responsible for why I frequently find myself in social eating situations. I find more weekends than not I am either going with a group of zealous and wound up sweaty people to “get our eat on” after having “gotten our groove on” at some 60-120 minute function or another. If it’s not that, it’s a wedding, birthday party, potluck, team barbecue or some form of celebration that I’ve been invited to which as you can imagine probably doesn’t serve or provide much in the way of food that meets “the plan”.

Being around and interacting with people is something I cherish and I honestly
feel is a God given gift; I love laughing, joking, working out with, crying,
commiserating and sharing my life with people. It brings me so much joy to
build strong relationships with people and live life with them. So, why is it
now that I have embarked on my journey to release the healthy, vibrant, happy,
beautiful, sexy, woman that has been repressed inside this body I now feel a
sense of hesitation, fear or apprehension when people ask me “Can we go grab a
bite” or “Hey! Want to go have lunch sometime” or “Girl….I need wine and
chocolate STAT!” Why does it ALWAYS have to involve food…and food that doesn’t help me with my journey??? As Clem tells me frequently when I ask her why this or why that… it is what it is Joy! I need to accept things for what they are
and LEARN to navigate these scenarios.

As is the case with almost everything lately, this is all a growing/learning
process. I will learn how to live a healthier life and make the right choices
in every situation. From knowing what foods to eat, how to prepare them, how
to ensure I meet the nutritional requirements that will most efficiently help me get to where I want to be physically and yes, how to still be who I am and do what I love (be social to include eating out) without compromising my progress. At the start of the month, I didn’t do very well and just did what I was used to doing (because hey, it was only on the weekend! I’ve been good all week!) Well, needless to say, the scale answered by not budging! Further conversations with Clem about what I was doing resulted in me completely abstaining; I went to a wedding and a birthday party and didn’t have a single morsel of food! And trust me; there was a lot that I wanted to have! I need to find a happy medium because frankly the anxiety of the latter is too much to handle!

Moving forward strategy:
1) Try as much as possible to eat a healthy prepared meal before attending
events or at least pack healthy alternatives in case there aren’t options
at the event. Try not to attend things like parties or weddings hungry; recipe for disaster!
2) Explain what I am doing to friends and family and ask for support. They may not be aware of just how dedicated I am to this process and may instead suggest alternative social time that doesn’t involve food or that involves better choices.
3) Be conscientious about food choices at restaurants. While I don’t want to admit it, most restaurants are now providing cleaner low calorie options on the menu (it’s just I’d rather have the pasta or burger at this point!)
4) Share meals! If the meal is or isn’t healthy, probability is the portion is way out of whack; eating a reasonable portion of something bad is better than eating 3-4 servings worth; because that is what we get when we eat out!
5) Quit being so hard on myself! If I do indulge; tomorrow is another day, just try to keep said indulgence reasonable! Don’t fall off the wagon and start running the other way!
6) Envision success! This will happen and I need to speak that into reality; visualize myself at the end I the journey and how amazing I will look and feel. Actually start to feel that now; we put into reality what we think and visualize…I choose success!

With that said, I can’t say enough for the support and friendship Clem has
offered. I can honestly say that I would have quit without her support and
accountability. Each day gets easier and every day I am encouraged just that
much more that my desired end results will eventually be REALITY! For those of
you struggling, please find support and take it one day at a time. Here’s to our VICTORY!



  1. Selena Triebwasser says:

    I just love watching you transform! It is so inspirational and uplifting. You are doing so great and your dedication is incredible! Yay!

  2. Carla DeLong says:

    Miss Joy – if you have a litlle time I would love to talk to you about the wonderful lifestyle change I started January 2 2012 – I found it to be so easy to make the change and have a super huge support group on line. I know you are a lot younger than me but this is a really easy change to make at any age and it works. it is all normal eating no pills no fasting no liquid replacements. If you are interested I would love to talk to you about it. I think Clem would agree with it also.

  3. Awesome job Joy, you look amazing! I might have to jump on the wagan and start working on mine too!

  4. You're such an inspiration Joy!! Great job and keep it up!!

  5. You are awesome

  6. Cynthia Miller says:


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