Joy Ahia- A different kind of Holiday


I love the holidays, starting from Thanksgiving and right on through New Years! A season to give, be merry, reacquaint with friends and family we haven’t seen for a while at all the holiday gatherings! It also means devilish little morsels of food everywhere you turn and a constant barrage of holiday parties that tempt one to eat and indulge till ones hearts content!
In many years past, all the temptations out there seemed to be in control. I ate everything with reckless abandon and was merry…that is till I looked at pictures taken at the holiday parties or tried to get into something that I swear fit just a few weeks ago!
This year feels different. The food is what was what I looked forward to; as much as I looked forward to the savory dishes in large portions, I also dreaded the results of Thanksgiving weekend. It was never just Thanksgiving meal but days of left overs that I absolutely had to partake in right? I was out of control and the food was in control!
This year with the healthy lessons I am learning with Clem and VGFC and the better much more healthy relationship I am creating with food, not only did I feel empowered and equipped to take that control back but I navigated the entire weekend and didn’t gain a pound! In fact I lost a bit!!!
The holidays do not have to mean catastrophe nor so they have to mean we have to completely cut ourselves off. Be smart and put your health first. Enjoy in moderation and be accountable just like every other day. If you partake, keep it to a minimum and get an extra workout in. Yes, it is a whole different kind of holidays for me and I feel like I don’t have to suffer from the anxiety of the holiday 5-15!! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I wish you VICTORY in your goals for a healthy life! Let’s do this now and not wait for the new year!


  1. Thanks so much sis; you are one I turn to for inspiration. Thank you for being such an amazing example!

  2. Looking great Joy!! Keep up the great work!!

  3. Felichia Cays says:

    I'm so proud of you, Joy! Well said! After all, healthy is a lifestyle not a diet.

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