Our Mission: Give hope & empower women to live Victoriously in a community of health, confidence, beauty, and joy.

In the Kitsap Sun newspaper:

Fitness, Fun, and Friendships.   Victory Get Fit Club is a community working to improve themselves through exercise, camaraderie, and education.  We meet for an hour a day for outdoor/indoor group fitness training.  We learn, laugh, live, and love all the way towards our dreams of a happier, healthier, fitter future.  

Victory can mean something  different for everyone just as goals and abilities are all individual.  Victory can mean climbing the stairs without being winded and your heart racing.  Victory can mean having energy & stamina to laugh & play building memories with your kids.  Victory can mean feeling beautiful, confident, and secure in who you are.  Victory can mean loving who you are and how you look at every stage and season of your life, embracing each one.  Victory can mean walking/jogging/or running your first 1 mile, 5k, 8k, 10k, 12k, 1/2 marathon, full marathon, or triathlon.  Victory can mean “Skinny Jeans” or “Feeling Good”.  What does it mean to you?

We began in 2003 as a one on one personal training company then a few years later wanted to make it more affordable for more people to participate. So instead of $60 per PT session we started an outdoor boot camp group training program for $299 mo. ($14.95 session). Then when we opened the fitness boutique Jan 2013, we wanted to give our clients what they were getting at the gyms they were already members of so they can have training & classes all in one place to save money even more. Basically giving our training clients the option of free classes if they want to use them. Not too long after, people came to us wanting to be a part of our community but unable to afford training or didn’t need it, so we put together memberships for classes that do not have to be taught by certified trainers like yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, etc. Our group training FitCamps, TRX/Sand bag Boot Camp, and Formula Fifty Fat loss programs are led by certified trainers who provide a higher level of support & accountability for victorious achievement of goals. And right now our training packages are discounted more than $100 off from years ago. Come try them out, 2 weeks unlimited trial for $19!

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  1. I'm a X- Professional football and know what it takes to got in the best shape you can be in, and this camp is right up there with the best, so I would suggest everyone getting involved in this camp today!

  2. Hello Alma! Thanks for the compliment. We have a great group of women and we have a lot of fun! We have “Clubs” in Kent, Federal Way, and Renton, Wa. You will find our schedule of events and prices on our website on the page tab “Regsiter”. We also offer Zumba Fitness Parties very soon. We will have our FREE Zumba launch party & you’re invited! Sign up for our e-newsletter & stay tuned! http://www.VictoryGetFitClub.com

  3. Alma Alvarez says:


    I like what your “club” is about. How do you get involved and what is the cost?


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