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Good morning world! It's another beautiful day in the Northwest. Bets way to start…Hot Matcha green tea, 130 g Sweet Potato, Daffodils & Tulips, and NEW lifting gloves thanks to my friend Cynthia Bell! Time for Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

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Congratulations Jennifer! Finally hit the 20# mark & we are super proud of her. Happy with her results & happy when she looks in the mirror she has rewarded herself with new shoes. She wants to see what else is possible for her so she has set more goals! This time new workout shoes is […]

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Kickboxing sounds like a tough chick's work out but remember, you can modify any exercise so you are operating at your 100% ability, not some one else. Check it out, to challenge herself & to give us a vision to aspire to, Alyssa takes a leap in the air while everyone else is happily grounded. […]

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I haven't blogged or posted a progress photo during this journey, maybe because I doubted I'd actually follow through based on my past failures & big unfulfilled dreams. As my Fitchicks know, I live in baggy warm clothes and some have asked for a progress photo update. I started 12/30/13 & in a short time […]

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We are still at it… 8am Sunday Stairs! This time we have a couple new brave newbies: Welcome Laura & Aubyn.. keep coming back & it gets easier. Welcome back Judy, you rocked those quivering legs! Diane & I decided to hit an old school garage workout… it really helps to have a definite set […]

Losing Motivation? Use Rewards!


Core Value #6: ‘No Victory Too Big or Small, Celebrate Them All’ Kristi is the first to earn her reward… bras!! One of my passions in life is to help others WIN in their own lives.. This is why I sign off on emails & written notes: ‘To your victory,’. The suggestion from a client […]

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Victory… Yes!! Planned & prepped for success. What are you doing to succeed this week? Fresh lemons go bad after awhile when not all used up right away and its recommended to drink a cup of hot water with lemon upon waking. This dehydrated ginger & lemon pieces was a perfect find. Be aware though, […]

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Week 1 of our At Home Lifestyle Re-style Online Virtual Personal Training group is underway! Most of us have our meals planned, prepped, and ready for a no excuses to eat unhealthy week that will guarantee great results! To succeed, busy women need a plan, accountability, and preparation. 14 amazing women in this 3 week […]

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I enjoy being a trainer & helping my FitChicks get strong & healthy.. but I really enjoy working out with my friends on Saturday mornings while my husband leads us. Warm welcome to Alison who is here on a 12 for $12 trial.. she did 2 sessions back to back. Whoohoo! #workout #fitchicks #swexy

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Merry Christmas.. lol! Alfred bought spin bikes to incorporate into some of our camps. I feel a new class is on the horizon! Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget we have 7am Saturday Hot Yoga & 8 am FitCamp. Come get your weekend workout in! #spin #cycle

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