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Tummy Tuck Tuesday ladies! There are many levels and variations to a #kneetuck. Dawn added a #pushup on #bosu while feet are on an #exerciseball. You can start with no equipment and walk one knee into the chest at a time then graduate up to jumping both knees in & back. This can be done […]

Pistol Squats


Beginner #Pistolsquat !! Everyone starts somewhere… But only those who start will get somewhere. #nomoreexcuses #fitnessjourney #fitspo #weightloss

“I Have No Time” 12 min. At-Home Workout: Sept. 13, 2012

no time workout

My girls only get me for 4 hours out of 168 a week!! So I just ask for 12 intense minutes on the days they don’t see me. Make sure you set your Gymboss for 50/10 second intervals for this really great AB shaping workout. ~Clem

Personal Training Work Out at West Fenwick Park

Lindsey Shaddix testimonial

Thinking about having a personal trainer? Meet our newest FitChick and see why a recent transplant from North Carolina says it’s important to have a trainer. West Fenwick Park Workout 1) 50sec. Squat, Sandbag Bicep Curl, and Shoulder Press 2) 50sec. Hill Run 3) 50sec. Single Leg Band Row 4) 50sec. Tricep Dips 5) 50sec. […]

2 workouts: Conference & Big Climb Prep


Ever make these excuses, “I was at work all day” or “I was in a conference all week” or “My meeting went long”. Here’s some exercises you can do during breaks at work, on vacation, & even 1 exercise I did during a meeting sitting in a Fitness Conference for hours…. enjoy! Here’s my most […]

March week 1 Workout

March 1

At-Home No-Excuses 24 minutes Workout 50 secs. exercise/ 20 secs. rest 1) Step Up 2) Sandbag Swing Thrust 3) Step Up 4) Plank 5) Step Up 6) Deadlift to Upright Row 7) Step Up 8) Tricep Dips Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds= 24 mins. Equipment: Step stool or bench & […]

Wk. 1 Fit-n-Fab Fat Loss Challenge Workout

FitnFab wk1

Week one of the Fit-n-Fab Fat Loss Challenge begins! Dinner is cooking in the Crock Pot and the whole house smells like I have can afford a chef, I love it!! Chicken in the Crock Pot for the family but, tofu for me…. high protein dinner over high protein quinoa. Enjoy this weeks workout, Alfred […]

15 min. Fit-n-Fab in February

fit fab 15

I’m taking it up a notch because February is American Heart Month!! Love your heart and it will love you back. Take care of ‘you’ out there and live that long rewarding life you deserve!! Do all 5 moves in a row, 50 seconds exercise/ 20 seconds rest, then repeat 2 more times for a […]

No-Elliptical, Elliptical Workout


February is American Heart Month!! Heart disease is the #1 killer of women and it’s my job to help you keep your heart muscle strong, young, and pumping. This week’s move will get your heart beating and you sweating. If your heart is beating… you know you’re alive!! Do the “No-Elliptical Elliptical Machine” for at […]

8th Day of “Fit” Mas-50 Burpees

See Demo Videos at the Bottom of the Page 1. You have until midnight to complete 50 Burpees. With today being Christmas I want you to get them out of the way early. More is Better. NO MAKE UP DAYS! NO EXCUSES! 2. Time Stamping Your Workout: On our Facebook Fan Page, click on the […]

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