Joanna ‘JoJo’


Its extremely gratifying to help a friend I've known more than 20 yrs.. honored she trusted us with her physical transformation project. Jojo is a talented designer (designed our logos years ago & our new logos for Victory NaturalNorthwest) & Co owner of Bamboo Beats with her DJ husband Issac. Their weekends are surrounded by […]

Hannah- Updated


JUNE 23RD 2014 vs. JUNE 23RD 2015.. see what patience, persistence, and consistency creates?! Congratulations Hannah! Be on the look out for her, she's setting more goals & plans to meet them.#transformationtuesday Contact Victory Get Fit Club for fat loss, body shaping & sculpting transformations through our group training camps, private training, and 4 week […]

Vanessa R.- Updated


#tbt #teamvictorysculptI have learned that I am a lot stronger mentally & physically than I think. I decide "I will" and tell myself that "I can" stick through an exercise or stick to my meal plan, changes begin to happen. In the beginning of this journey I would tell myself I can't do a pull […]



What have you learned about your strengths? -I can overcome any challenge if I set my goal and put my heart and mind into it. I do what I love and love what I do. What has been your biggest challenge? -Stay 100% on meal plan throughout the training period and listen to the coach […]



Being on this journey with our team has been eye opening, and this is just the beginning as we still have a month to go. I have learned that I can create whatever life and body I want for myself and my family. For instance, I can choose to enjoy healthy food. A year ago […]



A Victory Bride… Keep an eye on her, she's still in transformation mode. You think her arms look great now? Wait a few more months & you'll see how much sexier we can get them. Progress picture still to come… Congrats Tianna! And for doing what most brides won't do after their wedding… she came […]



#transformationtuesday #teamvictorysculpt What I learned about my strengths … I am a lot stronger than I think, I have the ability to go above and beyond. The stronger I become, the more I can do. My strength comes from within (my own passion for being healthy and strong). My biggest challenge … Believing in myself. […]



#transformationtuesday #teamvictorysculpt 1. There's two types: mental & physical. Mentally I learned that I can achieve so much more by being an example and motivator to others rather than standing back and keeping to myself. Sharing helps me with the accountability factor. As much as I want to think I can do it by myself, […]



#testimonialtuesday #teamvictorysculpt Training for my first figure competition has been rewarding although not without its challenges. I've always enjoyed working out, even when pain from my rheumatoid arthritis was flaring up I would still make in to the gym. However, any progress that I made in the gym was negated by my bad weekend diet […]



#wcw (just found out that means Woman Crush Wednesday, lol) #teamvictorysculptWhat have I learned: That I have more strength than I thought. By surrounding myself with positive, encouraging, and supportive people I am able to accomplish anything I set my mind to. My biggest challenge is food and alcohol temptations. They are always there but […]

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