#tbt Once she decided to burn fat for her vacay, she began prepping her food & came in early to do extra cardio intervals. Walt Disney quote is perfect for you! Have fun in Hawaii today. And thank you Kristi for referring Hannah to VGFC, you're our best ambassador! I saw many of you posting […]



Transformation testimonials typically brag about how fast results are made. But what about the consistent heros that keep their heads up pressing on even though the scale or doesn't move? #tbt April 9 to Sept 17th, released 20 lbs in 5 months. The average person would have given up after 1.5 months if not seeing […]



Easy short cuts may help you 'look' skinnier, but hard work makes pretty muscles. That look of confidence with great posture and power does not come out of a bottle or a lotion… It is earned! 40# released & this girl earned every ounce. I've heard people say they want her results but you can't […]

Jennifer Smith


Congratulations Jennifer! Finally hit the 20# mark & we are super proud of her. Happy with her results & happy when she looks in the mirror she has rewarded herself with new shoes. She wants to see what else is possible for her so she has set more goals! This time new workout shoes is […]

Rhiana Spicer- 30 days


You have to meet my new friend Rhiana.. She joined our un-gym a month ago and look what she's sone! She's been so consistent with her attendance 5 days a week. No matter how she feels or how tired she is, she's sitting in the parking lot at 5am before I get there. Keep an […]

Tabitha Serviss under construction..


My girl @tabbie84 put in WORK!!! 45mins of legs last night followed by an hour of twerking in MixxedFit, then came back this morning for another hour if legs. Total of 71lbs lost, she'll be blogging monthly on our Victory Get Fit Club community site until she walks on stage June 28 as a #figurecompetitor. […]

Judy Oh & Family Testimonial


Written by Judy Oh, FedWay Fitness Boutique Community Member “Weight loss and fitness have been lifelong challenges for me. I love group exercise and need entertainment and fun to motivate me. I married a hilarious man. I thought that as a married person I could make my husband do what I wanted because he loved […]

Joy Ahia- A different kind of Holiday


I love the holidays, starting from Thanksgiving and right on through New Years! A season to give, be merry, reacquaint with friends and family we haven’t seen for a while at all the holiday gatherings! It also means devilish little morsels of food everywhere you turn and a constant barrage of holiday parties that tempt […]

Weight loss saboteurs….oops, I mean social gatherings


My personality, culture and being involved in dance fitness and all the amazing events I am blessed to contribute to or participate in are all responsible for why I frequently find myself in social eating situations. I find more weekends than not I am either going with a group of zealous and wound up sweaty […]

Eudora Ballou now Adams weight lose


She finally got married yesterday!  I’ve been working with Eudora to lose weight here at Victory Get Fit Club since April and you’ve seen me post pics of her hardwork tons of times.  What I’m proud of is, except for Selena, everyone else she started with fell off the wagon (meaning went back to past […]

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