Hot Yoga

Victory Get Fit Club just got Hotter. It’s time to ditch the cold weather and join us for Hot Yoga.

Hot Yoga is designed to provide a challenging, invigorating, rejuvenating and effective yoga experience. In this 60-minute yoga class, every muscle, joint, ligament and tendon and organ in the body will receive benefit. Whether you are looking for a great workout to reduce stress or to alleviate symptoms of long term or new injuries, this is the yoga class for you. The room is heated so be prepared to sweat, stretch, laugh and do more for your health and general well-being than you ever imagined possible.

Benefits of Hot Yoga:
• Opens pores to help you detox.
• Elevates the heart rate, compresses your inner organs and glands to help your raise your metabolism.
• Develops strength and balance.
• Increases flexibility, tones your body and helps to eliminate cellulite.
• Relieves stress and improves mental clarity.
• Helps you sleep better.
• Deepens your breathing and exercises the lungs.
• Helps to heals old injuries and reduces conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, asthma, arthritis and obesity.

How many calories can I burn?
You can expect to burn 400-1000 calories in each class.

How can I prepare?
• Eat a light snack an hour or two before class.
• Hydrate by drinking water starting the 24 hours before class.
• Bring a towel along with a water bottle to each class.

What if I’ve never tried yoga before?
We all have to start somewhere. You’re not increasing your flexibility on your couch so come prepared to sweat with your fellow sisters and have fun!

Hot Yoga Founder Membership (15 newembers only at this rate)-

Current Hot Yoga Schedule:
6pm Mondays and Wednesdays
9am Saturdays

Add $10 to your Hot Yoga membership to include Zumba, Abs-Back-Core, and soon to come Kickboxing-

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  1. Tracy Whitlatch says:

    I want to join the hot yoga for $59 a month unlimted lifetime. But I don’t see where to sign up. I can come in anytime on Monday to do it, just let me know please.
    Thanks so much! Tracy
    (Friend of Teri Rongen)

  2. Hi Laurie Hagedorn use the link on the Hot Yoga page on our website that you visited. In case you don't see it, here copy and past this one. Monday night only has 1 opening left..

  3. Leslee and I want to register for the Free HOT YOGA trial on Wednesday. How do I do it?

  4. yay Makayla McGhie !! Thanks for your support! We are excited to grow the program. Eunice Nam Anderson is an awesome teacher

  5. the momma and I signed up! We're so excited to have somewhere else in federal way for hot yoga :) looking forward to what's coming up next!

  6. It's getting hot in here Alfred Ra'oof…. lol!! We just turned up the heat!!! Please tell your friends and help us spread the word that we now have Hot Yoga with Eunice Nam Anderson!!! Free trial sessions… but you have to make reservations because space is limited to 15.

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