Kent FitCamp

Want to lose weight, tone muscles, tighten loose areas? Need motivation, inspiration, and support? Come visit our fitness community! Your Fitness Trainer will design each workout to bring out your very best potential. Every session is different; no two days are the same.

To prepare for the best results: Drink a minimum of 64+ oz of water a day, take multi-vitamins, eat 5 small clean healthy meals a day every 3 hours, & get 6-8 hours of deep sleep. We are a family of expert trainers who believe in the natural way of weight loss (proper nutrition and an physical activity). No shots, chemicals, hormones, magic lotions/potions, or pills prescribed or recommended.

Come try out our FitChick Community!!
Week long Unlimited Sessions- $29 Click here

Spring/Summer/Fall location:
Kent-Meridian High School
10020 SE 256th St Kent, WA 98030
Winter location:

What you will be doing (Consult your doctor before starting any exercise or weight loss program)….
Interval training, Running/walking, Circuit training, Abdominal strengthening, Strength training, Core Conditioning, Pilates and Yoga, Exercise Band work, Stretching

Individual Drop-In Sessions- $20 ea.
Week long Unlimited Sessions- $29 (new visitors only)
12 Sessions- $199 (all sessions must be used in 90 days)

Deep discounts available for those with 6 or 12 month AutoRenewal packages
12 month FitChick Member- $139 mo.
6 month FitChick Member- $169 mo.

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FitCamp Preparations:
What to bring each day:

1) Hand weights (3 to 8 pounds)

2) ½ inch thick exercise mat or yoga mat

3) Exercise Tubing (looks like a long elastic/rubber jump rope with handles. Target or Wal-Mart around $8)

4) Warm layered clothing, hat, and warm gloves. Waterproof jacket is recommended.

5) 32 ounces of water


  1. Where’s Tracy’c camp? I need to sign up!


  2. Paula Wolfe says:

    do you have evening classes in Renton?

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